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Experiential Doc

  1. Team - Darmin Records (DR)

Team DR had Rachel Gibbons, Marianna Sprengel, Kshitiz Aggarwal, Anamika

Team Mentor: Rohit Khosla

The Problem Statement that the team had to deal with was: How can Damibliz increase his online presence and awareness? A social media analysis

The team initially split the problem into 4 pillars focusing on different aspects of Damibliz’s online presence

Their initial deliverables included:

1. Increasing song views/streams on Youtube and Spotify

2. Passing music to top radio stations without incurring a cost

3. Branding

4. Instagram page management

During the 4 weeks of long/short brainstorming and mentoring and working through the problem statement the team came up with deliverables like :

1. Split the problem statement into 4 parts and each took a section and did

some preliminary research.

2. Looked over everyone’s content as a team and gave feedback.

3. Had a mentor meeting for content only and made adjustments

4. First draft of slides

5. Looked over the first draft as a team and gave feedback.

6. Had a mentor meeting for the first draft only and made adjustments.

7. Final amendments on the unlocked template

8. Final mentor meeting and adjustments were made

9. Final client call

The challenges they faced over the duration of the project were:

Scheduling meetings and deliverable deadlines due to different time zones and other prior commitments.

Reducing countless pointers from the research to limited number of suggestions to be given to the client.

Synchronizing the work done by different members of the team.

The mentor feedback and advice included:

● Delivery: Make it more deliverable centered than content centered

● Content: Include major pointers and reduce the content

● Coherence: Build coherent slides

Team’s Reaction to Mentor Feedback:

Reduced the content on slides and made the presentation more by adding more

focused headings and ensuring the structure flowed better

Made the slides more coherent by using the template given by the unlock team.


The final presentation was appreciated by the client. The Client was pleased with the outcome and had a few questions which were answered well. To improve we could have been timelier with responses on the group chat as a team.

2. Team - Growlance (GL)

Mid May - Mid July 2020 (8 weeks)

Team Members :

Ahmed Hassaan Arif (Project Lead)

Mahek Jain (Second-in Lead)

Srishti Jain

Rachana Galda

Ronisha Nanjiani

Team Mentor: Sameer Goverdhan

Business Problem: The Organizational Structure and Pricing Strategy of Growlance have turned out to be ineffective over the past few months, in contrast to other similar start-ups in the industry.

Initial Approach towards the Problem:

The Client (Founder of Growlance), being a student coming from a computer science engineering background, which he is simultaneously pursuing besides running this company, had very little knowledge on the side of establishing corporate strategy and planning. He and his small team of technical developers had surprisingly helped him stay stable in the market despite little ups and downs within the internal management of the company.


Process Followed by Team for Deliverables:

We had a slow momentum in the first 3 - 4 weeks due to the delayed responses from the client concerning problem analysis and data exposure. So, we couldn’t come to the final recommendations.

As a result, we planned to describe what Global and National Start-Ups are doing to overcome similar challenges, meanwhile. And that worked well.

Initially, we divided the challenges into 2 major parts, namely, Human Resources Planning and Pricing Strategy. While Rachana & Mahek were concentrating on the former, Srishti and Ronisha took care of the latter.

Major Challenges:

Lack of data for pricing strategy from the client’s side.

Problems in extracting and discovering competitor’s data for the analysis.

Client Feedback:

The client was a little hesitant to expose his cost structures and expense, for which we had a hard time estimating what would be a perfect fit for him.

Fortunately, he had helped us analyze the problem deeper to find the root causes of the challenges that he has been constantly facing for some months now.

Mentor Feedback:

We were extensively praised for the research work, documentation and presentations that we have done at the initial stages of drafting the storyline and recommending solutions.

Later, he suggested we add better wordings to avoid a negative tone while describing the client’s challenges in reality.

Team’s Reaction to Mentor Feedback:

We incorporated the majority of the changes suggested by our mentor after the team discussion. Then, we planned to put some effort into Competitor Analysis and Structuring the Business Model. All of us shared a part of the responsibility, in market researching, data structuring and presentation of the slides, each.


Overall, it was a fantastic experience as it allowed us to directly impact an actual business giving us the satisfaction of putting an impact out there. A great learning experience for everyone overall. Due to the limited availability of the data provided by the client, we could only assume the possibilities encountered by the client before recommending him potential solutions to mitigate the future losses of the company, Growlance.

3. Team : Rukmini Gruh Udyog (RGU)

Consultants: Nandini Mahadevan, Nitika Bansal, Rain Speaker, Subhabrata Das

Mentor: Aman Jain

Problem Statement:

Rukmini Gruh Udyog faces a limited consumer base in Bhiwapur village which is saturated by competitors offering a similar range and quality of products.

Objective Statement:

The client would like to increase sales figures by improving current packaging and possibly establishing partnerships with retailers/wholesalers in the city of Nagpur as well as exploring online suppliers such as BigBasket.

Initial Thoughts:

The client wanted to initially focus on branding, however, to expand the business, we felt that further action had to be taken. We therefore devised 3 different strategies that could be taken to increase the number of customers:

i) Market Penetration (expand business awareness in existing


ii) Market Development (enter new markets),

iii) Product Development (offer new spices to increase consumer


Problem Analysis:

We used the MECE framework to further develop the three strategies mentioned above. Upon analysis, we came up with various approaches which could be implemented to increase customers:

i) Village-centric,

ii) City-centric,

iii) Digital centric,

iv) Product variant development.

Post-Analysis & Expected Deliverables:

We collectively decided that the village-centric approach would not be an effective strategy to adopt as the village is already saturated with spice producers. However, the remaining approaches were all feasible and all could be recommended simultaneously. In terms of the city-centric approach we decided to split this into two different entry strategies:

i) Partnership with wholesalers/retailers/distributors/exporters

ii) Multi-Level Marketing

Process Followed:

We divided our tasks and decided on deadlines for them. Our tasks mainly involved reports on market and competitor analysis, packaging and labelling, distribution channels, and working on MECE, 4Ps and 3Cs frameworks.

Major Challenges:

- Language Barrier with the client

- Unresponsive or Non-cooperative Phone Calls for market analysis

- Limited financial information of the business

- Dynamic Schedules

Client Feedback:

We kept updating the client on our progress and the client was very happy with our suggestions. The client’s main request was to work on the packaging and branding.

Mentor Feedback:

- Aman suggested that we critically analyse each approach by listing the

potential benefits and risks.

- Aman suggested we cut down the content from the slide deck and

make it more deliverable.

- He suggested we prioritize our recommendations and organize them


Action Taken in Response to Feedback:

We reflected on our approach and deliverables and organized them according to their priority level. We cut down the content and added more icons and diagrams to make the slide deck more deliverable.

Final Week:

We had to cover a lot of content and approaches before the final mentor meeting. The team worked very hard in the last couple of weeks and ended up with decent recommendations before the final run-through with the mentor. After that meeting, we were very sure of our recommendations and only had to work on making the slide

deck more deliverable.

Post-Submission Reflection:

From the POV of value addition to the business:

● The team delivered everything that the client asked for. We also covered all the points recommended by the mentor.

● We also got in contact with wholesalers, distributors and pouch and label providers to help the client in executing our recommendations.

● We feel that the client will benefit a lot from the research, suggestions and contacts that we delivered.

4. Team: NSN

Team Members: Khushi Maheshwari, Kavya Sangam, Varsha Singh, Dev Selarka

Team mentor: Nalin Chandna

Problem Statement:

Giving information on how to package and sell the right products out of the current product portfolio.

Preliminary Problem Analysis & Deliverables:

  • Understanding what areas to focus on - the team felt that could be several areas of development but it was important to streamline our efforts to make the largest impact (tended to follow the 80/20 principle)

  • As a result, we decided the deliverables to be as such

  • Narrowing the product portfolio to ensure a positive market entry

  • Emphasizing different packaging techniques to showcase quality

  • Designing a marketing (mainly social media) campaign to introduce products in the market

Process Followed by Team for Deliverables:

  • Assessed the scope of the project and narrowed down our research to keep the focus on the client's immediate needs.

  • Developed a workflow to ensure that team meets the vital benchmarks for the project completion

  • Created a timeline to keep us on track.

  • Divided the research focussing on team mate’s strengths and covering all bases.

  • Caught up to brainstorm on pain points and find an alternative approach.

Major Challenges:

  • The rather informal nature of client’s operations- lack of secure financial documentation, no proper business plan, information about the market very observation-based

● Unresponsiveness of Sonam Patel

● Lack of information on the internet about the market, the client operates in as well as possible strategic solutions

Client Feedback:

● The client was content with our work so far

● Gave more quantitative data to help determine the optimum product portfolio

● Sonam bridged the gap between our plans and what she had already executed on-ground

Mentor Feedback:

●Mentor believed we did justice to their suggestions. Certain areas of further research are given below:

Export markets for the product: Determine which countries are best for initial entry into the export market

● Possibilities of a joint venture for one of the products: A familial joint venture, if executed by the client, could lead to a win-win situation.

Further research: One last round of research to confirm that there is truly no informative content on the internet that could be helpful.


From the POV of Value Addition to MSMEs:

  • The team covered all the suggestions advised by the mentor.

  • The client’s feedback was duly taken into account and the team worked on the extra deliverables requested during the Mid-way check.

  • Our research will be immensely beneficial in charting the next steps for the business.

  • The team has provided enough resources to get a headstart in targeting online channels.

  • We have provided alternate approaches and resources to give the client the benefit of taking decisions as per her choice.

5. Team : Jagaana Candles (JC)

Team Members: Anushka Pal, Ayana Gideon, Abhishek Tayal, Tanya Mahajan, Gayathri Shrushti

Team Mentor: Richard Davis

Problem Statement: To increase sales which have so far been happening only via word of mouth, family and friends etc. To Increase brand exposure so that a reputation can be built beyond the family network.

Preliminary Problem Analysis & Deliverables:

We decided that we would provide 3 broad deliverables :

1. Market Research Plan - this would include a customer feedback analysis as well as a

market research analysis

2. Marketing - this would include

a. Instagram Optimisation Plan

b. Website Optimisation Plan

3. Since our clients also urgently needed some packaging recommendations, as they had to order materials for their next batch of candles, we presented them with packaging.

Recommendations one week into the project.

Major Challenges:

● The project lasted longer than any of us expected and, hence, there was a loss of interest among the consultants after a point.

● Due to final exams, internship and other personal commitments, the work suffered a bit.

● Initially, the client was not giving all the information we needed (for example financial information) to make informed recommendations.

● Going into the project, the clients seemed sceptical about how our team could benefit them

Client Feedback:

● The client has been extremely content with our work so far.

● We presented some packaging recommendations in the first week. The client incorporated some of these changes and changed their logo immediately following this interaction.

● We had a midway check with our clients - we briefed them on what we had come up with so far, heard their feedback and incorporated it into our work.

● The client requested that we looked further into how to incorporate their future product range into their Instagram presence

Mentor Feedback:

● Delivery: Present using persuasive language and highlighting the benefits of our recommendations compared to continuing in a current manner

● Content: Include more information regarding how Instagram reels and giveaways work in our presentation. Emphasise how many people participated in our feedback/research surveys before presenting the findings

● Coherence: Build a storyline with the slides, show how the client can grow from before and after taking our recommendations


Value Added to our client:

● The team incorporated all the suggestions from our mentor to improve our rapport with the client and ability to give relevant recommendations

● The client’s feedback from our meetings throughout the project was duly taken into consideration and the team worked on revising the Instagram plan as requested

● Our client has since changed their logo and has expressed a willingness to adopt further packaging recommendations we presented to them. We feel our recommendations will give/have given our clients a strong guide on how to grow their brand and meet their goals.

6. Team: Luxe Pampering (ULC-LP)

Team Members: Alessia Pasquariello, Isha Roy, Sahil Jain P., Zaid Nurmamodo

Team Mentor: Christian Pizzuti

Problem Statement: Devising a strategy to improve Luxe Pampering’s profitability, by focusing on pricing and focusing on growth through social media marketing

Our Initial Thoughts:

● Our client didn’t keep track of any costs used when deciding on what prices to charge, so we would have

● Our client started their business during the pandemic, so we’d have to ensure the business can survive post-pandemic


Process Followed by Team for Deliverables:

Spent the first few weeks researching the market, our client and a more localised vision of the market

Major Challenges:

● Lack of data available

● One of our teammates dropped out, so we had to divide the work so that everyone had a bigger chunk than before

● All research was conducted online and was secondary research

Mentor Feedback:

● Actionable Solutions: Ensure the client knows what they need to do to make an impact

● Concise: Keep information simple and straight to the point

● Data-driven: Ensure that infographics and data could back up our points

Team’s Reaction to Mentor Feedback:

● We could easily manage these points and got to work


We made improvements to our final presentation, splitting the work into two teams, one focused on Marketing and the other focused on Profitability.


The client was very happy with the presentation and felt as if she could implement the actionable solutions into her business.

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