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Case Study of the Month

March - April 2021

Gain an advantage over other student consultant applicants for our fourth batch by taking on this challenge! 

The applicants who show superior problem-solving skills along with innovative thinking, through the completion of this challenge, will be invited to join Batch 4 of Unlock Consultancy's Student Consultants.

Case Study #3 – COVID-19 versus Italian Wine

Italy is the top wine-producing country in the world. Mr. Paolo Romano owns a grape farm and a winery in the Tuscan countryside. Generations before him have been in the same business and have earned a trusted name in the market. The family business supplies wine to the local market, as well as exports to the USA. They make a decent amount to pay wages, maintain high-quality standards, and source the best quality material. They also host grape tours for the visitors and provide an authentic experience of Italian life in the countryside.


Due to COVID-19 strict lockdowns were imposed in Italy, negatively impacting the hospitality industry in which over half of the nation’s wine consumption takes place, as a result, drastically dropping the demand for wine. Furthermore, due to travel restrictions, touristic visits to the vineyards were no longer common.


Mr. Romano has to cut the cost of operation but does not want to lay-off any employees as they have served the family business with loyalty & dedication. He has to find a solution that helps the business stay afloat till the situation improves.


How should Mr.Romano proceed with his business operations?

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