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Case Study of the Month

September - October 2020

Gain an advantage over other student consultant applicants for our third batch by taking on this challenge! 

The applicants who show superior problem solving skills along with innovative thinking, through the completion of this challenge, will be invited to join Batch 3 of Unlock Consultancy's Student Consultants.

Case Study #2 – Education In Distress

During The Lockdown

A private school of good reputation in Uttar Pradesh, India has been educating young children for the last five years. Their students come from well to do, upper-middle-class families. The school also has a non-profit set up for underprivileged children, in another area of the town. The initiative aims to educate children who cannot afford formal education. Their parents are daily wage workers, house help, etc.


The Indian government imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 22nd, 2020. Since then, the school is scheduling online classes to continue their students' learning. 

The students studying at the non-profit setup are not able to come to the school, given the lockdown. They cannot attend online classes either, as they do not have access to laptops, tablets and the internet. Some of the parents from this group do have smartphones, but it is difficult for the kids to study using a phone. Moreover, a lot of these children are now employed somewhere as daily wage workers or house help, as their parents need extra help to manage household expenses during difficult times. 

School's Distress

The school has a brick & mortar set up for both these schools. There are fixed operating costs (e.g. rent) and multiple variable costs (e.g. electricity, staff salaries) involved. Even though the teaching staff has agreed on working pro-bono for the time being, other fixed expenses still need attention. 


At the same time, children studying at the non-profit set up are losing out on valuable learning. Most of these students have the potential to do well in studies and extracurricular activities. This time off school can have a long-term effect on their career. 

What steps should the school take to tackle these problems and

achieve a win-win situation? 

Case 2
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