Who are we?

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Sparsh Sehgal


Sparsh Sehgal completed BSc (Hons) Business

Management graduate from King’s College London. She is now joining as an Investment Banking Analyst at Deutsche Bank in October 2020.​


Arshiya Ratan


Arshiya Ratan is a BSc (Hons) Economics & Management graduate from King’s College London. Arshiya will pursue her Master’s In Management from INSEAD., France.​ 


Aline Lechartier is an International Management graduate from King’s College London. In the future, she aspires to work with investments in emerging markets, focusing on nutrition.​


Alberto has interned in the Global Data department at Bloomberg before, has served at the vice-president of Enactus KCL and founded KCL Machine Learning in his final year at King’s. ​

He will proceed with a masters at LSE in Finance and Economics.

Head of Marketing & PR

Gokce Selen Ersoy is an International Management student, that has just finished her second year at King’s College London. During her time at King’s she has worked alongside King’s Business Club to liaise with consulting firms in London to organize events for students.

How we work

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Week 1: Onboarding and introductory 

meeting with core team and consultants​

Aligning expectations and scope of the project​

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Week 2:  Understanding company requirements,  

market context and industry

Conducting independent market research and strategy analysis of the company

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End of Week 2: Midway progress review: consulting ​mentors, seeking professional advice (if needed)​

Week 3: Team works on presentation drafts ​and business plan

End of Week 4: Final report presented to the client post review by associated mentor​

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*Exact number pertaining to the requirement of the project and students’ areas of​ expertise on a case-by-case basis​